July 23, 2010

The boys and the party

I haven't blogged in a couple days and I don't have much time right now but I thought I'd write something anyways so here goes:
So my sister and I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend and of course we took Thane and Xander along. Once we got there Thane was asleep from the car ride and Xander was wide awake. Xander was quite fine just sitting in his car seat until he tasted the freedom of being out of it. Once I picked him up he did not want to be put back in the car seat. If I even started to put him down he would freak out and cry. So everyone played pass the baby around which quickly became pass the babies around once Thane woke up. The boys kept smiling so I didn't mind them being passed around. Towards the end of the party Xander started getting a little fussy and only wanted to be held by me and my sister so we passed him back and forth. It wasn't long before he was asleep in not my arms but his auntie's so she put him in the car seat while I kept Thane occupied and then he got passed around one more time before we put him in his car seat as well. That tired them out and so now I think parties are the trick to get the boys to sleep on time because once we got them home it took a lot of work to wake them up enough to have bottles. Then as soon as the bottles were finished and we laid them down they quietly babbled to each other for a minute or two and then were out. I wish I could get them to sleep that early every night.

I have an idea for my next blog entry so when I have time tomorrow I'll post it. Thank you for reading.

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