August 3, 2010

Sorry for the wait

So I was all excited to write my blog the other day and got caught up in other things. I completely spaced the blog!! I'll have to save that blog for another day when I find all the things I collected for it. Instead I'm going to talk about the meaning of double trouble. People always say "I'm glad it's you who has twins and not me." Like twins are a bad thing. If someone has twin girls they get the "aww that's so sweet" comments. If someone has a boy and a girl they get the "aww that's great one of each!!" comments. But if someone has twin boys you get all the comments like "Good luck" or "Oh no." It's not the end of the world if you have twins. And it's still not the end of the world if they're both boys. In fact I enjoy taking care of my boys. They are laid back babies most of the time. So those comments are actually starting to hurt emotionally when I hear them. Just because I have twin boys doesn't mean that the result is chaos. True there are times when they want things at the same time but we manage. But all twins will want something at the same time at some point. Okay I think I've been rambling along with some nonsense so let me get to the point.

My sons (lately):
1. Laid back
2. Occupy each other
3. Sleep through the night
4. Seem pretty patient
5. Overall happy babies

They definitely do not fit the description of double the trouble at all. So why does everyone seem to think every set of twins is trouble? Especially if they're boys? Sure there is more to do than with just one child but honestly it's not that bad. I wish I could compare it to taking care of one child better but the boys are my first two so I can't really compare at all.